As usual a bit salty, main ingredients are white cheese (own product of our company) and parsley/dill. Borek with mozzarella cheese and chicken meat are also available. Sweet versions with marmalade and pudding coming soon. You can eat Borek with some of our homemade sauces on top too.

Borek snack made of fried Borek rolls, outside a bit crispy but inside very soft and watery, on top with icing sugar or homemade sauces; just yummy!
Another variety banned in syrup with tasty flavor and crumbled nuts on top coming soon.


We offer several kinds of pastries. Some of them are as below:

Poacha® is a delicious pastry to eat usually as breakfast with tea or coffee. Inside soft/yummy outside a bit crispy, filled with white cheese or mashed potato, sweet potato, taro, etc. Poacha with some nuts will be available soon.

Simit® is a bit different kind of pastry to eat afternoon at tea time. The texture is crispy but melt in the mouth, have some ingredients inside to give a special taste and smell. Main version is covered with sesame but also with black cummin seads or puppy seads on top are other offers.


From Thai bread up to more textured western style bread with several flavors and ingredients, you will find in our bakeries and cafes a wide variety of bread; any bread for anyone!


Cookies with many attractive tastes will be especially the favorites of your kids. You may not debar them from when they have got the taste already.


You’ll be addicted to our delicious cakes. Some of our signature cakes:

Tiramisu has the origin of Italy, but very famous in France, Swiss and many other European countries too. We offer you the real main concept of tiramisu and some other varieties with different ingredients too.

Cheesecake is a common and famous member of the cake family. As well as the classics you will enjoy also different varieties as our signature offers. Fallow us!

Chocolate cake is the favorite of many people. But our cakes with some additional ingredients you’ll like more as we are sure!

Fruit cakes with strawberry, orange, lime, kiwi, blue berry and much more have been made with the real taste and ingredients, you will also enjoy the related jams on top.

Cake rolls, soft and rich flavored, with a wide variety and in all branches are waiting for you!

Muffin, looking so appetizing and yummy; with cocoa and chocolate chips inside, crumbles on top or with vanilla and raisin inside, walnut on top. Anyways to try!

Baklava & Family

Baklava® is the worldwide famous dessert with a similar history like Borek as to say “its sweet version”. We don’t want to say more, just visit a Borek Bakery or Cafe to be fan of this yummy dessert in several kinds.

Custard and puddings: Fresh milk from farm, vanilla, cocoa, chocolate, nuts and fruits, herbs, some cakes and / or cookies inside. Combinations of carefully selected ingredients didn’t be yet so yummy!


Marinated with a great care and cooked perfectly pork, lamb and chicken meat are the main ingredients of our delicious sandwiches made of our special bread recipes. The additional taste givers are our surprises. These rich combinations you will find in our bakeries and cafes.


You can choice some signature breakfast menu or a cake & pastry buffet, up to your taste.

We also offer a big variety of breakfast tailored to the customer’s wishes.

All in our cafes.

Lunch & Dinner

Everyday a different set menu for your lunch and / or dinner will waiting for you in our cafes, from many western cuisines and more seasoned with our creativity.

Coming soon!

Coffee & Tea

As well as the common coffee and tea variety in some kiosk and bakery shops but you will find more alternative in our cafes.

Turkish Coffee you will like any time during the day, to take relax when you feel tired, after lunch or dinner when you feel full, even when you are drank to wake up.

You can also enjoy our Turkish Coffee & Baklava menu.

Other drinks

Prepared with natural methods but with many exotic herbs, a big offer of our fruit juices, frappes and light drinks in combination of interesting ingredients. In all branches you can find some kind of these choices but all sorts will be available in our cafes.